Some tips on how to sell your product or services:

  • Provide detailed description of your product or service. If it is a pre-loved (used) product, do not try to hide ‘defects’ or brush it aside. Be upfront with your customers. They will appreciate your honesty.
  • Provide good quality images of your product (a picture paints a thousand words!)
  • Price your product/service competitively
  • Provide warranty and/or support – if applicable
  • Provide an easy way for potential buyers to contact you (e.g. your mobile number)
  • Be prompt when answering queries from potential buyers

Some tips on buying products or services from your neighbors

  • Be courteous when inquiring about a product or service.
  • Check the quality of the goods before paying for it (if applicable)
  • Remember to ask about warranty or support if applicable
  • Remember that all financial transaction is between YOU and the Seller.

We (IADRAS and the maintainer of this website) do not take part in any financial transaction between any parties, and we do not arbitrate any disputes or grievances between any parties.