Frequently Asked Questions

Please read item #4 – Stay SAFE! This is a public website, so we do not recommend listing your home address on your ad listings. This is for your own protection and privacy.

How To Buy A Product?

Browse or search for the product in the classified listings. When you've found the product you want, contact the seller directly via the "Chat" feature or via the mobile number listed by the seller.  

Make arrangement with the seller to pay him or her directly. 

How To Get Product Support?

You need to ask the seller if the product you are buying comes with any warranty or support, and if yes, how does the seller provide support for that product.

All financial transaction is between you (the buyer) and the seller - we do not take any commission nor any part in any financial transactions between the buyer and the seller.

Any grievances should also be settled between the buyer and the seller. 

Selling A Product

You can sell anything - product, services, consultation, etc - as long as they are LEGAL! 

You decide on the mode of payment - cash, online transfer, e-wallet, etc. As long as both you and the buyer agrees on the mode of payment, you have a deal. 

Also note that the buyer may not be a neighbor - he/she could be from SS2 who found your product. Do not assume every buyer to be a member of this community.  

We (IADRAS and the maintainer of this website) do NOT take part in any financial transaction between the seller and the buyer, and we do not take any commissions. We also do not arbitrate any disagreements or grievances!

How To Provide Product Support?

Be very specific of the type of support that you will (or will not) provide in your product/service listing.

If a product comes without any warranty or support - remember to list that in your description. Remind the buyer again when he/she comes to collect the  item.

Remember that all of us here are neighbors - so, be neighborly (even if the buyer is not from our neighborhood!)

Getting an Item Support.

Before you purchase anything (either a product or a service) listed on this platform - please do your due diligence. 

Ask the seller what kind of support (if any) is provided, and how the seller will provide the said support.

For example, if you buy a used car from a fellow neighbor, and 2 weeks later, the gearbox fails. What kind of support or warranty will the seller provide? Will the seller offer to fix the gearbox for you or do you have to fork out additional cash to fix? 

Be very, very about all these before you buy anything. 

Also, please be reminded again that we (IADRAS and the maintainer of this site) DO NOT arbitrate any dispute or disagreements between the buyer and the seller. 

Caveat Emptor!

How to Stay SAFE? 

This website/platform is PUBLIC - i.e. anyone from anywhere can see the product listings. 

So, if you are listing products/services for sale - you may not want to list your house address. You need to provide a way for potential buyers to contact you, so a mobile number is needed. 

Then arrange with the buyer how/where to meet to make payment and deliver the goods.

(example scenario: If you are selling jewelry - you do not want to list your home address as potential robbers would then mark your home as a target full of jewelry).

Dubious Listing

If you find a product or service listing that is dubious and suspicious (e.g. a magic lamp that will grant you 3 magical wishes for only RM99), please contact us and we will investigate.

We have the right to remove any suspicious listing as well as ban anyone from listing future product/services on this platform.