Step 1: Register/Login

Before you can post an AD, you need to sign-up for a free account on this website. To do this, go to (or click on the person icon on the upper right corner). You will see something like this:

If this is your first-time here, you need to register – fill in your Username (no spaces), your email address and strong password. Then click “Register”. If you already have an account, then just enter your username and password to login.

Once you’ve logged in (or just registered), you will be redirected to your dashboard page. It looks something like this:

  • Dashboard: Displays your membership/subscription report (if any). N/A at this time.
  • My Listings: this page shows all the ADs that you have created/posted.
  • Favourites: this page shows ADs that you’ve marked as “favourites”
  • Chat: this page allows you to chat with sellers or buyers
  • Payments: N/A at this time. This page shows all the purchases you have made for the premium features ON this website (not the payments for the products listed by other sellers)
  • Account Details: You can personalize your details here (eg. upload your profile photo, etc).

Step 2: Post your AD

Your AD can be something for SALE, or “Wanted” – e.g. you are looking for something to buy.

Let’s say that you want to sell Home Made Cookies – we will use this as an example walk-through.

To start posting your AD, click on “Post Your AD” orange button on the upper right corner.

AD Type:

You will then see something like the screenshot below. You need to select the ‘Ad Type’: Buy, Sell, New or Used.

AD Category:

Once you’ve selected the Ad-Type (e.g. Sell), you then need to select the Category for your ad. Please note, you CANNOT edit the category once your AD is live (you need to delete that AD and re-create it again). Select “Food & Catering” as the category.

AD Details:

Then, fill in the details and description of what you are selling:

AD Features:

Fill in the “Features” of this product – 1 feature PER LINE (this will be displayed as bulleted list on your ad)

AD Images:

Upload Images – a picture paints a thousand words. You can upload up to 8 images to showcase your product. You can “drag-and-drop” images (from Windows File Explorer on your PC) into this box, or click “Browse” files to select images on your PC.

Once uploaded, you will see something like this:

You can also link a Youtube or Vimeo video of your product or service if you have one. Just place the URL in the box below:

Final Step: Fill in the contact details

Congratulations! You’ve just posted your first AD!

You can go to the home page – – and do a search for your product. It should come up!


You have 20 free ADs – once an item has been sold, you should remove the AD.