In the last month, residents had sent 3 messages to the MP regarding problems in our area which were not attended to despite previous communication with the authorities. The 3 messages were about the ambulances on 28B, the aircraft noise and smell of fumes at odd hours and illegal rubbish dumping along the river bank.

All these had been brought up by the RA to authorities concerned including a long list of other matters effecting our kampung internally and externally… the last, a summary of all of it was presented during the meeting organised by the Councillor on 31st June 2020 with the representatives from the various MBPJ Departments together with those from JPS and TNB but with CAA absent. The State Assembly man was also present together with MBPJ’s contractor for Landscape and Cleaning Dept. To date, none of the matters brought up had been solved satisfactorily.

The 3 messages received by the MP has resulted in her contacting IADRAS and she, representative from the State Assembly person, Councillor and representative MBPJ Enforcement unit will be dropping by at 3.00pm today.

During this meeting, our intention is to draw their attention not just to the 3 matters which she received but also to the list which we had presented previously which remains unsolved.

If you are available, please join us. A word of caution here. We need to keep our cool as our objective is have solutions to our problems.

Meeting place: Small green lung on Rd.28.
Time: 3.00pm
Will notify if there is any changes.

Please forward this message to all.

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy


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