Present in the meeting was the DUN’s PA, Councillor and MBPJ Enforcement Chief and officers.

Due to the long list of outstanding matters, the following was highlighted:

  1. Illegal rubbish dumping and occupation of the riverbankā€¦ including its maintenance.
  2. The maintenance of the TNB right of way including rubbish dumping and occupants.
  3. The air craft noise and smell of fumes from Subang Airport maintenance side.
  4. New developments in Ara Damansara without any briefing on the resulting impact on the surrounding residents.
  5. The danger of the crossings at Mirzu apartments.
  6. Councillor to help obtain formal approval of the Community Garden on the riverbank of 24H.

The list of outstanding matters presented during our last meeting with MBPJ in 2020 was handed over to be looked into.
A visit to the TNB right of way concluded the meeting.

Direction given by MP to MBPJ to set up the meeting with the various authorities/organisation concerned on the matters raised. We will be informed as to the time and dateā€¦ place will be in MBPJ which I have agreed to. We await their advise.

Thanks to all those who attended. Total attendance was more then what had been originally anticipated which would say it’s a good thing.. we can only look forward to it producing some result.

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy


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